about_krystal_clear_audio_video_2“Thank you for the exceptional service and products I’ve received from Krystal Clear Audio-Video. I fully appreciate the time you’ve spent with me. Your expertise and advice helped me make an excellent choice of speakers for my Home Theater system. I’m looking forward to working with you again. Thanks again for all you do, including following up after the sale to ensure my needs were met.”

– FP, Plano, TX

Krystal Clear Audio-Video adheres to the highest standards

When it comes to equipment, our philosophy is simple. Only the best will do. By best we mean the foremost in two-channel music components, home theater components, masterful loudspeakers, front projectors, and UHD universal blu-ray players to the finest analogue turntables, digital sources, and tube electronics. Why is that so? We have found the best always represents the best value. You end up owning components that last longer, have superior capability compared to the rest, and do not have to purchase twice. In our experience, this value equation must mean the components exemplify the best in their class. In other words, they must easily synergize with the rest of the products we carry, as well as those of our clients. The electronics also must be leading edge, not bleeding edge, in terms of their technological prowess. By using a thorough selection process, we painstakingly evaluate every piece of equipment over an extended period of time both in and out of the field with respect to their build quality, performance, and reliability. Not all make the cut. But when they do, they become a line we proudly represent here at Krystal Clear Audio-Video.

So when you’re ready, we can guide you to the pinnacle of performance and value without peer in a home theater and/or a two-channel music system. Through our palette of home theater and high end audio products, we can create anything from the most affordable to the most luxurious entertainment experience imaginable. The sky’s the limit. It must be heard and seen to be believed.

Scope of Services:

  • Precision installation/integration of high and ultra high performance home music, theater cinema systems and residential automation with time-and energy-saving reliable computerized control. This includes one-touch© operation of lighting, shade, distributed home music, climate, surveillance cameras through the use of keypads, as well as iPad and iPhone control
  • Distribution of video, satellite, cable, camera surveillance feeds and music throughout the residence.
  • Top-class ISF© calibration for all types of video displays from computer to flat panel to front projectors- ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) founding member-24 years
  • Expert turntable setup and calibration-33 years experience-we have set up over 3500 turntables from Project to Linn to SME to Goldmund to Continuum
  • Precision set up with proper speaker siting and Dolby True Digital®/DTS HD Master®, as well as the newer formats like Dolby Atmos®, DTS:X®, and Auro 3-D®calibration of home theater and two-channel music systems for the highest and most long lasting performance for the best home theater experience
  • Exclusive free in-home service for the life of the equipment (minimum 2 years to 5 years) with a free loaner program, full lifetime warranty on custom installation and automatic replacement for DOA components
  • Collaboration with architects, builders, interior designers, and other professionals on problem acoustic areas, like sound isolation, noise abatement, and room construction
  • Detailed construction-grade engineered system drawings and documentation services
  • Acoustic room consulting and award-winning design of dedicated media, music and home theater rooms, in addition to multi-purpose spaces
  • Microsoft-trained secure, enterprise-level network design, installation, and maintenance in the home or office to preserve, safeguard, and easily play priceless digital assets such as music, photos, videos, and important documents, specializing in Mac/PC integration