home Automation-bathroomWhen it comes to thinking of automating the simplest of tasks in your home as you go about your daily life, most people register cool. But following that response are the inevitable questions. For instance, is it complicated to use? How much does it cost? Is the system reliable? Can anyone operate it? Will we use it enough to justify the expense? All very reasonable questions when the field of smart home offerings is so crowded with lots of promises.

The true purpose of making rote activities like turning on your lights and playing your favorite music anywhere you want is to make your life simpler, easier, and more fun, not to make it more difficult. Why should you learn a completely new set of behaviors just to make these simple tasks work? Say, for instance, it is Friday night and you are having a party. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able have a pre-set scene for creating the mood replete with the appropriate tunes, the climate comfort adjusted for the space and the number of your invitees? Perhaps you would want to allow the door to be opened for a particular time and the guests be seen on any tv screen in your home to confirm your party attendees. And be able to have the shades be opened to reveal the beautiful outside views made all the more compelling through strategic lighting. All effortlessly fulfilled by the simple push of a button.

This is how we define the intelligent home.  One that is your own personal concierge. Where interoperability and convenience does reign supreme. Can you really make your home smarter and simpler at the same time? And make it greener too? Absolutely! By using a combination of proper design, thorough engineering, and deft execution, a reliable and enjoyable experience can be guaranteed. This is a skill Krystal Clear Audio-Video has honed and refined for over 33 years by integrating high performance audio, video, and smart technology into the home.

If you’re waiting for the future to get here, the wait is over. Isn’t it time to make home automation technology one-button fun, instead of one-button frustration? We can. So feel free to email us.  Or give us a call. We will be happy to show you how to make the technology of simple work for you in your home.

Whether technology‘s effect is good or bad depends on the user. It’s important that we shouldn’t be slaves to technology; it should help us.
-Dalai Lama